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Special Thank You!

Thank you all for coming.

This art exhibit at the "African-American Research Library & Cultural Center" in Fort Lauderdale, Florida was Master Painter Daniel Austin the greatest historical achievement. We were delighted to see so many people in all walks of life at this event (young children with parents, adults, art collectors, fine art connoisseurs, government officials, etc.) All of you had contributed of making this Premiere Art Exhibit a success. The Library Museum space was perfect for the size, scope, and soul of this exhibit (Over 120 paintings in all sizes were exhibited). Our sincere gratitude to Mr. Wilson, Director of Broward County Main Library and to all staff at the AARLCC who helped make this event  a success. This was the largest volume of artworks displayed  in one place by Master Daniel Austin. We want to send a special thanks to Commissioner D.C. Holness for his presence and his kind words during the opening reception of this exhibit. We would also like to extend our thanks to all students at "SAIL High School" of Orlando, and to the group of 25 members of the Youth Department in Pensacola, Florida for coming witnessing the birth of this new art movement. Special thanks to all my supporters and friends for coming, for believe in me and in the movement. Finally, thank to all of you for coming, even with curiosity in mind and for expressing your admiration and appreciation for the show.

Now thousands of you become witnesses  this new art movement:  "Interpressionism". I cannot be more grateful to all of you for that. For allowed me to introduce myself and the "Interpressionism" movement to South Florida community. I hope and rest to believe now this is the responsibility of everyone of you to keep this new art movement alive in the United States. Talk to your friends and family about this art form and this new trend of expression. Invite your acquaintances, your teachers, and comrades to go on this website, have group and panels discussions on "Interpressionism", come online a read about this movement. If you have any doubt or question don't hesitate to contact the Master Daniel Austin, etc.

Please help keep this new revolutionary art movement alive.

Thank you.


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