The Book: "DANIEL AUSTIN, MASTER OF INTERPRESSIONISM MOVEMENT" is now available on all bookstores

This is the official virtual website of The "MUSEUM OF INTERPRESSIONISM ART" (M. O. I.) Museum. Since established in 2014, (M. O. I.) museum's mission was dedicated to preserve and promote the collective body of artworks of Interpressionist Master Daniel Austin, Founder of the "Interpressionism Movement", Interpressionism art, and "School of Interpressionism". This art movement was created in 1989 by Master Daniel Austin, as a rebellion against the "Deja vu" imitation. today with the help of the internet and the social media, this art movement is now spread in all the corners around the world. Especially, in 2019 during the pick of COVID-19 pandemic, Master Daniel Austin used the virtual technology to promote his artworks and the Interpressionism movement on social media. This is one of the positive Benefits we got from the pandemic. Today the museum is now the same technology to reach out faster to thousands even millions on the internet with the social media.

One main focus of the M.O.I museum consist to educate about the Interpressionism movement. As a new art concept that represents the "Cutting Edge", a new breath of fresh air in Modern Arts. This is the reason Master Daniel Austin also founded the School of Interpressionism" as a way to education our kids and other people on Interpressionism movement, This is his legacy, therefore, his mission is to pass his knowledge and experiences through the next generation of Interpressionist artists. One of important stepping stones on this aspect is the information sharing. The book about his life, his art, and the Interpressionism movement "Daniel Austin Master Of Interpressionism Movement"  has been published. and available in all major book stores. "Master Austin is also working on releasing the pedagogical manual of the Interpressionism teaching methodology for schools and universities program curriculum. We'll try our best to educate the public about this new art movement. Particularly to art lovers, professional artists, and future generation students. The virtual museum and Master Daniel's social media "Pages" are the only places where people can look and browse for most of his artwork collections. With an inventory more than 1000 (one-of-a-kind) rare pieces his artworks for over 30 years of research.

As you will see, most of them represent the foundation of Austin's Brushstroke's signature of the Interpressionism movement. Would you be interested in collecting some of his original artworks to protect them for future generations? Please, feel free to ask for a quotation. Or you'll be interested to commission the artist, great! Either you or your agent can set up an appointment to speak to a representative of Master Daniel Austin. Yes, we intend to keep Master Daniel Austin's original paintings priceless to protect the "Brand" values.

Since 1989, most of his original artworks have been purchased and collected by very few groups of people around the world: "The Collectors" and "The Anonymous Buyers". Such as Hollywood Actors, Wall Street investors, Doctors, Directors, the Fashion industry, Interior Design companies, lawyers, Bankers, international buyers, etc. Some critics even said: "Austin artwork belongs to the patrimony of human heritage and conservation for future generations to study". As the founding father and pioneer of this movement, Master Daniel Austin always focuses on his legacy. Therefore, he Continuously struggles and works tirelessly every day for his artwork always reflects "Interpressionism".  

© 2014, Master Daniel Austin, all rights reserved.


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