WHO AM I?    

I am the image of an unfolded mystery, which I take time to unveil every day on my zero canvas. I recognize in human imagination only the sky is the limit. I like to take time to observe and to understand the mysteries of our universe and the concept of mankind to the formal and informal elements. I like to open my conservative window to welcome critics and from that I learn to appreciate life and its beauty. I have always been against the "deja vu" and the academic way of teaching art. From my rebellious actions against certain norms of the status-quo, I struggled for cognitive thinking. In the process, I discovered a new way of expressing my emotions. Today this new art form has become a new trend of expression that I called: The INTERPRESSIONISM™ movement. 



Historically Daniel Austin turns professional in the middle of 1980. But his big break came in 2000, when he unveiled 8 pieces of his artwork in the "Black History Month" exhibition at the First World Trade Center in Manhattan, New York: - Since then the artist established his credentials as one of the fine talented artists with a unique style and brushstroke technique. Dedicated to make a name for himself, Austin focused all his attention on his artwork. He soon realized such a dream will come with struggle and sacrifice, because of many obstacles he has to overcome, especially the challenge of the market influence. But his constant desire for originality and his fight against the "Deja Vu" became his obsession and his challenge. Because Austin has something new to offer. Today his art form gave birth to a new art movement, which is a new trend of thinking that is admired by everyone and attract attention of many art collectors, curators, and historians. Numerous  representatives of the Press already spilled good amount of ink talking about this artist. Austin also understood the pain and the struggle one has to go through to be unique. Nonetheless, he also understood it is the only substance that give the real artist the reason "to be or not to be." As Austin often quote: “While still alive, we always have to try to excel our expectation in order to achieve our dreams." "Always passionately pursue what you love, no matter what other think about your genuine." "Originality is the artist's only path to immortality." Today Daniel Austin's Interpressionism technique is appreciated by many and the art world community. 



My objective it to see, one day, this art movement and the methodology "Interpressionism" as part of the curriculum being taught in all schools and universities around the world. Our responsibility is to innovate and educate our generation and future generations to come. There is a need to challenge ourselves, especially the new generation to be creative and discover self. My mission today is to visit schools and universities around the world to teach the Interpressionism movement and to educate the public at large about this new trend of expression. Why? The Interpressionism movement is there to stay. It is not only a legacy, but a contribution and a gift to humanity. “I believe strongly one day the world will embrace this vibrant and fascinating idea the Interpressionism movement represents.”   

[ " It take months for a baby to learn his first steps. It also take decades, sometimes half a century for history to discover the footprints of an ant left behind, and to witness the hatching of a giant Egg. History also revealed all great things before happening need to undergo through a period of growing pains and great sacrifices. They have to first polished by time. Like a diamond needs to undergo through fire to shine its brightest light." ] 


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