The Book: "DANIEL AUSTIN, MASTER OF INTERPRESSIONISM MOVEMENT" is now available on all bookstores

The Interpressionism movement

What is it? An art movement that attends to free ourselves from the dictating ideas of the "Deja vu" and the predisposition of the subconscious mindset for imitation and reproduction. Interpressionism even new in the Grand Scheme of things, it has been in existence for more than 35 years. Its concept is based upon this  principle: "Return to the source of our artistic creativity." Which can only be cultivated from within, to our inner-self creative, the expression of innocence (childlike mind). You can retrace this originality in the early mental development of any 2 to 5 years old kid. Whom with no master, no guidance, and no predisposition mindset, they created some tremendous masterpieces on anything their innocent hands could find..". To read more about this new Cutting-Edge art movement, buy the book "DANIEL AUSTIN MASTER OF INTERPRESSIONISM MOVEMENT". Now you can buy the book on Amazon: https://lnkd.in/eZQc4ZEx, B&N: https://lnkd.in/d2H6iw4M, Smashwords Catalog:  https://lnkd.in/dk9VMtw, Apple ttps://lnkd.in/eW9uwCu4 We want to thank you in advance for your support. "Life is an illusion of a prefabricated reality that recycles into our eyes every day in different perspectives and that we all strive to connect to. Interpressionism is the amazing interconnection world between abstract and the real. An art movement that combines the formal elements of the art to the informal elements of the art." This revolutionary art movement was created by Daniel Austin in 1989 as the answer to his rebellion against the "Deja Vu". Those revolutionary ideas always happened once every 40 to 50 years, sometimes centuries in human history. We hope that you'll dedicate some time to explore and discover this newly emerging art movement, concept, and philosophy and join us in promoting this Cutting-Edge movement. As you can see, even new in the grand scheme of things, this art movement has been around for quite some time. Thousands of artists, researchers, academicians, art professionals, scholars, all over the world already adhered to this movement. Why not you? Thanks to the internet of things, our followers' list is growing up every hour on all social media. We just published the book on the Interpressionism movement,  "Daniel Austin Master Of Interpressionism Movement". Which is an introduction of this art movement to the world. I hope that you will take time to read it, and apply the .its concept and principle into your life and become your own master. 

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