The Book: "DANIEL AUSTIN, MASTER OF INTERPRESSIONISM MOVEMENT" is now available on all bookstores


Daniel Austin is also an active member of the world communities. He likes to volunteer his time and donate his money to support humanitarian works.

Master Daniel Austin’s Foundation "Color Expression of Hope", a Charitable Non-profit, and Non-Governmental organization is dedicated to promoting and advancing Visual Art through the teachings of his Interpressionism technique (Non-profit certification pending).  In many occasions Master Austin Daniel has donated his paintings for auction to raise funds for many great humanitarian causes. 

    Today, some of Austin’s original paintings and his limited editions fine art prints are part of the collection of more than 400 art collectors around the world. Master Daniel Austin has received numerous awards, certificates and guest speaking invitations from well known world organizations. Master Daniel Austin’s passion is to speak to students at Colleges and Universities about the Interpressionism movement. He feels the need to educate not only the students but the public about this new trend of expression. Austin prefers to organize solo exhibitions to attract attention to his unique Interpressionism technique at the same time promoting his movement.

    "Patience is a virtue”, art that come from the purity of soul is never lost”. The real artist is like a pearl that needs to be polished with time and waiting one day to be discovered for its true value.”


    Here are a few pictures taken during some of my public donations. 


    Posting with Mr R. RENTZER, Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, President and Shaking hands with Mr Dan. Dalton, Executive Director of Hollywood Chamber during a donation of the painting "Wine and Cheese" to the organization "Grapes for Grades". 





    Shaking hands with Mrs Giulianti, Hollywood City Major and with Mr. Furr, Commander of Post 92 during a public donation of the painting " A Soldier on The Bridge" in honor of the fallen soldiers. Please visit American Legion Post 92 and support those Heroes.


    Shaking Hands with Mrs D. Laury, Director of Memorial Breast Cancer Center during the official donation of the painting "Breast Cancer Survivor" to this organization. Please visit this organization and donate.




    Receiving a special thank you from Duluth City Major, Ms Harris during a public donation ceremony of the artwork " Duluth City Hall". A gift to the City of Duluth Gwinnett, Georgia. Please visit the city of Duluth webpage: http://www.duluthga.net/



    Here are some of his donations included but not limited:
    • “Breast Cancer Survivor”, donated to Memorial Regional Hospital/Breast Cancer Center.
    • “Salute to The Unknown Soldier”, a public donation to Post 92 in Hollywood, Florida. (Honoring our brave men and women in uniform.)
    • “Dark Angels, 9/11 Attack,” dedicated to the city of New York. (For generations to always remember this inhuman dark day of terror.)
    • “Duluth City Hall", a public donation to the city of Gwinnett County, Georgia.
    • “Nature en Noir et Blanc”, donated to the Haitian Medical Association (A.M.H.E.): (A good Haitian Initiative)
    • The Orphan,” a public donation to the Harvest Orphanage in Haiti. (In support to the children living in foster care)
    • “Evening Walk on The Beach", donated to Candace "Wine of “33rd Street” (For her support to the Art in her community)
    • "Le Petit Repas”, donated to "Grapes for Grades" / Hollywood Chamber of Commerce (In support our Youths in the city of Hollywood.)
    • “A City Under Water”, dedicated to all the victims of the City of New Orleans (A reminder of the Hurricane Katrina.)
    • “Humility and Compassion”, dedicated to Camillus House in Miami, Florida. (Good Samaritan NGO’s)“
    • "Still Dreaming for Haiti", dedicated to all Haitian victims of January 12th. Earthquake.
    • "Crossing the Red Finish Line", dedicated to the victims of the Boston Marathon Massacre.
    • "Le Tour De France", dedicated to the cyclists of the Tour De France competitions.
    • "La Citadelle Henry Christophe", dedicated to all Haitians. (Part of the Haitian National treasures and cultural Heritage.), 
    • Etc. 

      If you are an organization and you need help to raising fund for your cause, please click contact us and send us your inquiry. You can also email us at: interpressionism@gmail.com, or mailing us:  

      Attn. Master Daniel Austin
      PO  BOX  450727
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