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To understand the meaning of a word, it is important to know its origin. Therefore, "Interpressionism" is not exempt from this category and falls into this nomenclature definition.

Inter-pression-ism, by default Interpressionism, comes from a group of Latin words: (an- tar- presser), where inter- is a prefix (interred, entre, enter, inter): that means between the limits of ~, and press -ion pressare, pressus, past participle of premere: which means the first, the origin premiere. It also means precise extraction from within, the inner-self — no ulterior pre-disposition of mind.

Interpression v: The act or fact of what could be mutually interpressioning (Art Painting, sculptor), Music, Dance, Literature, poetry, philosophy, etc.

Interpressionability n: The quality or state of being mutually interpressionable.

Interpressionable adj. (interpression + ism, able): Capability of being unique, not being influenced by external forces. It is a product result of inner-self Interpressionism.

Interpressionative adj. (interpression + ative): The quality of being interpressionable. Elements of your own emotions that make an interpressionative presentation of your art, such as paintings, sculptures, dance, photographs, designs, literature, music, poetry, etc. It is the ability to give a unique visual representation or to deliver an emotional sense of originality of yourself. (Inner-self creative).

Interpressionation n f: The act, or the result from interpressioning. It is an explanation of what is not immediately planned or explicit <~of a dream>. In fine art, sculpture, design, and architecture, it is a representation of the extraordinary or an internal conflict. In music, dance, literature, poetry, etc., it is the first representation in performance delivery spontaneously or a criticism of the thought and mood of the artist or its producer. It's especially penetrated by the personality of the interpreter (Interpressionist) in which the player seeks not to copy or reproduce but to create from his or her own original source of a dream, or a vision.

Interpress n. f: The material (documents, research, facts) on which relying in the diffusion of information. (1) Its related the original source of provenance of the information as well as the vetting process of the facts, in order to find the real true with objectivity, and no bias. (2) Application of originality, good judgment, objectivity, no bias during the diffusion of the news.

Interpressnet n. m: A new way in the diffusion of the news. It is the ability to use the internet (social media) as a mode of broadcasting, blogging, or providing your own critics and analysis with no bias (fact check) on something that become a news of an an event.

Interpressionation adv: interpressio, past participle of interpressionari, to give an interpression of something.

Interpressionology n. f: Theory; Study of what could be mutually interpressioning. Example: (Painting, sculpture, music, dance, sport, literature, poetry, photography, and philosophy).

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