The Book: "DANIEL AUSTIN, MASTER OF INTERPRESSIONISM MOVEMENT" is now available on all bookstores

Participated in numerous art festivals, solo exhibitions and showcased his art works in several art galleries overseas and throughout the US: New York (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Long Island), Georgia (Atlanta, Duluth, Gwinnett,) Illinois (Chicago), Florida (Jacksonville, St Augustine, St Petersburg, Naples, Ocala, Ft Myers, West Palm Bch, Boca Raton, the Keys, Miami Dade, Broward County, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, etc.):

  • 1998, group exhibit: I World Trade Center, celebration Black History Month;

  • SOHO art Basel, Group exhibitor.

  • City of Pembroke Pines, Florida Appreciation Event “Art in the Glass Gallery”

  • City of Hollywood, Florida, Appreciation event “Art in City Hall Program”

  • Broward College's Black History Month “Guest Lecture and Exhibitor”

  • Haitian Medical Association “Guest Lecture and Exhibitor”

  • Evring Gallery exhibits “Interpressionism Art” by Daniel Austin.

  • Williams Andersen Hall, Presents: “The Interpressionism Art by Daniel Austin"

  • Galleries Group Exhibitor at Coral Gable, Las Olas, Miami, Boca Raton, etc.

  • ArtServe INSIDE/OUT Group exhibitor.

  • Art Basel Miami, Art exhibitor

  • Opened Sir Austin Interpressionism Gallery, Hollywood, Florida

  • New Works by Master Daniel Austin”, Sir Austin Interpressionism Art Gallery.

  • Duluth Art Gallery, “An afternoon with Art" by Master Interpressionist Daniel Austin, Solo exhibit.

  • West Midtown Art Gallery, Atlanta, GA “Interpressionism Work” by Master Daniel Austin

  • Galerias de Punta Cana Shopping Center, 2 Day Art Exhibit.

  • Vladimir Kheckmann Gallery, CHI “Interpression Art Collection of Master Daniel Austin

  • St Augustine Art Gallery, “Art Works by Master Daniel Austin”

  • The von Liebig Art Center, group exhibit

  • Group art exhibit at Key West, FL

  • Sir Austin Interpressionism Hall, Studio Gallery: “New Works by Master Daniel Austin”.

  • Sir Austin Interpressionism Hall "Private Tour" Newly Unveiled of Master Daniel Austin Work. 

  Chronology Events

  • 2005 opened his first art gallery in Hollywood Florida. The principal reason was to promote his Interpressionism art and movement. The gallery received visitors from every corner of the State of Florida, Nationally, as well as international visitors before closing its doors in 2009. Visited from high schools and colleges students from Dade and Broward county: Miami Dade Community College (MDCC), Broward College (BCC), Florida International University (F.I.U.), Florida Atlantic University (F.A.U.), NOVA University, DUBREY University, etc. Most importantly, they were curious to understand the meaning of Interpressionism movement and the philosophy behind it.

  • Some participated in group workshops to gain credits for school projects.

  • 2009 The "Sir Austin Interpressionism Art Gallery" closed its doors,

  • 2010 relocated to SOHO, New York for a brief period of time and moved back to Florida. Orange Park, Jacksonville.

  • 2011- 2013: Traveled overseas promoting his Interpressionism movement.

  • 2014 Reopening the Sir Austin Interpressionism Art Gallery in Las Olas, downtown Ft Lauderdale, Florida but for a short period of six months.

  • Since 2015, Sabbatical period: Now Master Daniel Austin operates at his Home Studio gallery "Sir Austin Interpressionism Hall". There, he continue working on his Interpressionism collections. Also provided weekly private Tours to special visitors and VIP, by appointment only. The plans are to re-open "The Hall" or Interpressionism Art Museum (I AM) in a large facility that could accommodate thousands of visitors at once.

Daniel has been featured in Breaking News on (MSNBC6) and featured stories in the Sun Sentinel newspaper. Today, Austin is working on publishing a book, which is a panoramic view of his life and his Interpressionism movement: "Austin, Master of Interpressionism". This book will be translated into three languages; English, French, and Spanish.