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    POWER OF ENERGY   Collection

    POWER OF ENERGY Collection

    Austin on his stratosphere of thinking: This series is an essaie to understand the different mechanisms of our Solar system. "To me, this is where everything started to get confused because of our limitless status. We human beings are so insignificant and powerless to the vast ocean of knowledge in of this infinite universe. It is generally known that we know absolutely nothing. This series "Study of the Power of Energy", is a group of studies to understand the origin of our universe; the importance of the negative energy "Dark Matter" and the bright hole at the center of the galaxy and their relationship to various stars, galaxies, and planets of the universe. Also to understand the source of different gravitation magnetics and their attraction through the Solar system;  Also the important of the "Milky-Way" during the creation and evolution of different galaxies; Finally, understand the origin of different sources of energy and its power inside the organized chaos.